Why should I join Black Hills Figure Skating Club?

BHFSC offers a fun environment for your skater to grow personally, while building great appreciation for the sport watching and learning with like-minded peers. Skating can be a very personal/ private sport, but the common goal of ‘personal achievement’ can be very contagious through Club spirit and involvement!


The decision to join BHFSC and/or start one-on-one lessons can depend on many variables, including the skater’s attitude, desire, concentration and frequency of skating. If your skater answers yes to the majority of following statements, it’s probably time to join BHFSC:

  • Has passed Pre-freeskate
  • Wishes to ‘just skate more’ with other dedicated figure skaters
  • Wants to work privately with a dedicated coach
  • Desires to compete, test and/or perform on ice including USFSA sanctioned competitions

Full Membership Benefits 

  • Full, yearly membership in the USFSA
  • Official USFSA Membership Card/I.D.
  • Yearly subscription to "Skating" magazine, the official USFSA publication
  • Skater can test and compete at USFS test sessions and competitions
  • Club Ice time designated for members only.  Up to 5 times a week depending on ice contract
  • The right to participate in BHFSC activities and parties
  • One parent/guardian is a yearly voting member of the BHFSC
  • Adults may become members of the Board of Directors
  • BHFSC officers are readily available to sign competition forms.
  • Exhibitions are available to skaters of all levels. Exhibitions allow the skater to skate their programs as they would in competitions and in front of an audience. 
  • BHFSC holds an annual summer picnic for members to "just have fun" and get to know each other.
  • BHFSC sponsors on and off ice workshops/seminars. Members may receive a discounted rate.
  • BHFSC Members are also eligible to purchase club attire with the club logo.

Ice Contracts

While Membership fees include access to Club Ice times, they DO NOT include the ice fees.  The fees BHFSC collects for ice time do not fully cover the cost charged by the rinks.  Those additional costs are covered by fundraising and donations.  Individual "Ice Contracts" are purchased by period (Fall Ice Sept - Dec, Spring Ice Jan - May, & Summer Ice June - Aug).


Coaches fees are separate expenses and must be arranged directly with the Coach of your choosing.  Average rates in our area range $21-90/hour.  Private lessons typically run in 15 - 30 minute increments per ice session and can be conducted during Club Ice times (open practice usually makes up the remaining time during contracted ice sessions).  Selecting a coach is an important step for your skater and there are many points to consider.  

Other Full Membership Requirements/Commitments

  • Must keep dues/USFSA membership current for each contract period skated
  • Skaters are expected to wear proper skating attire, with hair pulled back during all club sessions
  • Proper liability waivers must be signed
  • Follow proper skating etiquette for safety and well-being of all participants Rules of Conduct
  • Volunteer Hours depend on number of days skating per ice contract.  Members may "buy out" volunteer time for $25/hr
  • Mandatory Fundraising Commitment - to help defray the costs associated with skating as well as membership in the Black Hills Figure Skating Club, there are many different fundraising opportunities.  These opportunities include such things as participation in Chuck-a-Puck at Rapid City Rush games, advertising board sales, RaiseRight, food sales, consignment sales (limited to skating equipment and clothing,) and volunteer service. 
  • Interested in joining or need additional membership information?  Contact Shannon Zimiga

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